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Why a competence center on

3d transportation

Mobility has always been one of the most complex issues faced by society. Waves of globalization have been generated and have affected the mobility of people and goods. In this sense, the energy transition and new demographic trends make it necessary to focus, resource, and design new mobility paradigms that can respond to the growing challenges.

New technologies and their accelerated development, material science, new business models, new channels of engagement for Users, and giant strides in information technology and data value give rise to a scenario in which mobility is transforming its future development path.

The Competence Center 3D Transportation is the platform aggregating actors of the mobility of the future. It aims at building a multidisciplinary competence network to approach the new mobility macro trends, generating value for stakeholders and territories.

Future transportation is by nature extensive and multilevel, with different paradigms interacting with each other, arriving at building “zero-friction” or “near-zero” travel experiences. By engaging various industries, disciplines, and stakeholders, and lowering barriers to supply-chain access and providing capabilities to design innovative solutions, the CC3DB provides its network with the tools to facilitate innovation, positioning, and advocacy

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We aim for the empowerment of public and private stakeholders of disruptive mobility.

Opinion leader

We promote clusters of global experts, increasing connections and opportunities to drive transformation with validated, cutting-edge approaches.


We provide support for partnerships and collaborations with actors from the advanced level of technological development, making the latter accessible.

What we do

market intelligence

We monitor key industry trends, technologies, materials and practices with the greatest potential for growth.

New Patents

We patent performance technologies and new printing materials and make them available to our partners.


We organize events for professional development and discussion among supply chain actors in our area. 

Supporting businesses

We organize initiatives to help our partners build their professional “know-how.” 

New Startups

We initiate new start-ups and spin-offs by generating new opportunities for our partners. 

New skillsets

We foster the cross-pollination of skills.


Who we are

The Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation identifies, researches, and explores the opportunities and risks associated with emerging trends and technologies that can disrupt existing processes, and produce a significant change in economic and social systems, to help businesses, institutions and governments unleash their growth potential.

Pini Group is a company founded in Switzerland with more than 70 years of experience in the local and international markets. PINI now has offices in Italy, Austria, France, Portugal, Norway, Israel, Australia, Brazil, and the United States, counting more than 500 employees engaged in design, construction, management, and consulting services.

Our size and know-how allow us to cover every role related to the engineering world. From the A of Australia to the Z of Zurich: every activity is carried out to offer a 360° service. Thanks to decades of experience on some of the most significant projects on the European continent, today, we can call the underground our workhorse.


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